Commercial Recycling

Commercial recycling in London, is provided by Free Computer Recycling London. And yes our computer / IT Recycling is free of charge, no matter what IT Equipment you need to recycle.

All you need to book a free computer recycling London collection is a minimum of 10 computer sized items otherwise we would have to charge. A computer sized item is something like a laptop, printer, server, laser printer, photocopier, computer etc. Everything else we can take free of charge but basically there needs to be enough to make a collection worthwhile.

Security for this service is very high – all vehicles are tracked 24 hours a day which allows us to see where the vehicle is at every point of the day along with what speed the vehicle is doing. All drivers are our own – not third parties and all collections are performed by our own vehicles. The vehicles are all fitted with extra security locks on each door. Our warehouse is monitored with CCTV and is one of the most modern and high security you will find.

There are a series of data destruction services available with free computer recycling London, all of which can be done onsite or offsite. If onsite, there is usually a charge though but it completely depends on your circumstances. Shredding if where all your data holding devices are shredded to little pieces. Crushing is where, free computer recycling London uses a CESG approved crusher to stab a 2.5” hole straight through the hard drive leaving the platter irreversibly damaged. Data wiping – We have a large data wiping room at our site in London with over 30 systems continually wiping hard drive disks. It can take up to 1 hour per GB to successfully data wipe a hard drive which is a considerable amount of time but it does allow the hard drive to be re-used. Degaussing is where we use a magnetic field to write zeros onto a hard drive or media tape – this is usually done prior to crushing offsite.