Computer Disposal London

Computer disposal London is designed for organisations of all sizes based in the London area – London city centre, Popular, Holloway, Brentford, Hounslow, Twickenham, Kingston upon Thames, Tooting, Bromley, Croydon, Purley, Dartford, Grays, Gravesent, Brentwood, St.Albans, Maidenhead, Slough, Woking,  Uxbridge etc.

Computer disposal London allows all business / schools, no matter what their size to easily comply with the WEEE regulations.

An example of a computer disposal service undertaken (case study) – A company called from London centre, whom had 2000 employees + and was about to re-new its current Computer Disposal London service contract that was about to expire. As Free computer recycling London provides a free service, we were chosen quickly after our contract submission. Each collection requires onsite hard drive removal, crushing and a full asset report along with enough vehicles to take everything. Each collection has be undertaken on a Saturday morning as during the week, it is too busy. Here is the first computer disposal London collection in detail – We sent two long wheel base Mercedes vehicles, easily identifiable due to their logos to the customer site. The customer had a marble entrance so ply wood had to be laid down before the free computer recycling London team could operate – we provided the materials. We had 2 members of staff doing the data destruction and 2 loading the vehicle. Each member of staff was equipt with the relevant tools required. One staff member removed the hard drives and one crushed them with the 10 tonne CESG approved hard drive crusher. The crushed material is then bagged up using builders bags for material recycling – nothing goes to waste with the computer disposal London service. All IT Equipment waste was loaded into the vehicle and then both a hazardous waste transfer note and a duty of care not was completed. A full asset report was produced and a data destruction certificate which was emailed straight across due to the onsite destruction.