Computer Recycling London

Computer Recycling London: Your local computer recycling service covering London and surrounding area

If you are producing WEEE waste on a regular basis or just every now and again in the London area, Free computer recycling London can provide you with a free of charge computer recycling London collection service. We can provide containers / wheelie bins to store old computers if you require so at a small cost.

If you are a small company or a residential – you can drop off your old computers at your local depot. Call free computer recycling London now.

This service can accept anything computer related such as printers, laptops, servers, PCs, Desktop Computer Unit, UPSs, Batteries, Mobile phones etc – Also remember we can collect dry cardboard as well. We use this for wrapping up internet sales. Instead of sending it to landfill or the energy demanding recycling service, just let free computer recycling London pick it up free of charge and re-use it. Minimum amounts apply.

What kind of IT Equipment holds data then – hard drives, floppy disks, CD Roms, DVD Roms, USB Flash drives etc And just as importantly – Configurations held on routers and networking items. Computer recycling London is one of the only free services that destroys all this data free of charge and then provides a data destruction certificate within 2 weeks.

When you dispose of large amounts of IT Equipment, it can be a headache knocking all disposed of computer items from your asset inventory. Let Free computer recycling London do the hard work and we’ll type up a complete asset inventory which can even be customised to suit your requirements. Each disposal inventory includes: serial numbers, model numbers, quantity, weight and your own asset tags.

One important thing to remember is – if you produce over half a tonne of hazardous waste (CRT Displays, Laptops, TFT/LCD Displays, Batteries, UPSs etc), you urgently need to register with the environment agency as a hazardous waste producer in England and Wales. It only costs £18 to register and if you need help, just ask a member of our team. We can provide full instruction in all our all inclusive computer recycling London service.