IT Disposal London

IT disposal London: Your local IT disposal service covering London and surrounding area

IT Disposal London has become increasingly competitive and now free computer recycling London provide it free of charge. We collect from offices, businesses, companies, schools, colleges, universities, NHS, government and councils no matter where you are based in London.

As we are accredited to UKAS ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 27001 standards, we are regularly audited to ensure our company provides the most professional IT disposal London service. Health and Safety wise, we hold a CHAS accreditation which certifies that we meet all applicable health and safety requirements.

Our vehicles collect 7 days a week throughout London and its surrounding areas so whenever you need a collection, just advise when. If you have below 10 items, there may be a small charge.

All our vehicles are modern and reliable. They are maintained by our transport manager. All vehicles are owned and run by ourselves so no third parties are involved. We ensure each driver is trained to the highest standards and before they are allowed out on their own, they are trained by a more experienced driver. On the job training for IT Disposal London is the best. We try to improve our computer recycling service all around but if you think there is anything we can improve on, please state so in the feedback form.

Here is a rough list of what we can dispose of (note – as we are an IT company we can only accept IT / Telecoms equipment) – computer base units, laser / inkjet printers, batteries, UPSs, Laptops, Servers, Apple computers, Cabinets, Copiers, Phone systems etc. One thing you always need to remember when booking is that if you have any heavy items such as photocopiers / rack cabinets over 80KG they must be mentioned as additional loading equipment is required.
We can provide an size of vehicle to suit each collection. E.G. If you are having a data centre clear out, we can provide a 7.5 Tonne truck. Equipment can be loaded onto pallets if required but there must be a pallet truck at your end for the IT Disposal London service.