Licenses / Documents

We have pride in being properly certified so we have achieved UKAS certification for all our ISO accreditations. Below you can see all the documents you’ll receive including certification which we hold.

It is essential when approaching IT recycling in London that you utilise a reputable organisation who provide all the correct documents and who are authorised by the Environment Agency.

Certificates you’ll receive:

  1. Waste transfer note
  2. Hazardous waste note
  3. Destruction document
  4. Asset report


Our accreditations:

  1. Our 18001 UKAS certificate
  2. Our 9001 UKAS certificate
  3. Our 14001 UKAS certificate
  4. Our 27001 UKAS certificate
  5. Our CHAS – Health & Safety certificate


Our polices:

  1. Health & Safety Policy
  2. Environmental Policy
  3. Quality Policy


Our EA licenses:

  1. Waste Carriers Licence
  2. S2 Registration
  3. T11 Exemption

Call or email us should you need a copy of any of the above.