Data Destruction (On/Offsite)

We can carry out our data destruction proceedings at your site or at ours using industry standard methods.

Please read through all our data destruction methods below to choose the right one for you. If you need any advice, please contact us on 0845 591 1794.

Hard Drives:

CESG Approved Crushing

Data Wiping


Media Tapes/Video Tapes


CESG Approved Crushing prior to shredding

Optical Media (CDs/DVDs/Blueray)

Floppy / Zip Discs

USB Memory Sticks


Mobile Phones

Data Wiping


Routers/Thin Clients with stored configs

Software reset

Data Wiping

Labels / Company references

Removal & Destruction

We guarantee the destruction of all data stored on anything we collect

Data Sanitization at your site (ONSITE):

With the increasing risk of data loss / theft / fines attached to the IT disposal marketplace, it is critical that you ensure the use of a compliant IT recycling company who can ensure compliance. Onsite data destruction is mainly used by large private and public organisations who can’t afford compromise when it comes to disposal.

With our onsite destruction methods, we can securely process 1000s of devices per day via shredding / crushing / data wiping / degaussing

For each service request, we will:

  • Attend your premises anywhere within the UK
  • Decommission your IT hardware systems (if required)
  • Explain to each customer how the destruction method works
  • Provide evidence of destruction visually or via using generated certificates
  • Remove all destroyed waste for recycling via a waste transfer note

Additional details:

  • Free computer recycling London holds all applicable insurance policies
  • The destruction can with some method be completed inside your building or in our vehicle
  • Destruction can be completed out of hours if required to ensure convenience / maintain security
  • All our destruction operatives have been successfully trained in data security compliance especially relating to logistics / loading
  • All health and safety procedures are in place with our CHAS accreditation to ensure safe operations
  • Depending on the destruction method chosen, we may need to use a power source at your premises
  • Our state of the art machinery and systems are calibrated and tested regularly to ensure 100% destruction without compromise

Once onsite data destruction has been completed, data forms will be completely unrecoverable. A certificate of destruction will be issued to confirm completion.


Data Destruction at our site (OFFSITE):

Most organisations, especially SMEs, don’t require onsite destruction as it is deemed as excessive security. Regardless of the data destruction method you choose, we’ll always ensure complete data sanitization with a certificate provided.

Our processing facility, logistics and systems are designed to ensure destruction without compromise. Customers are welcome to visit our premises to see where destruction will take place – please contact us to arrange this.