PC Recycling London

PC recycling London: Your local PC recycling service covering London and surrounding area

PC Recycling London was set up by Free computer recycling London to allow all Londoners to recycle their unwanted and obsolete IT Equipment free of charge.

Data destruction (onsite and offsite) is included free of charge which will see the data vanished from all computers, servers, networking items, routers, switches, phone systems, photocopiers etc. Did you know, photocopiers bare hard drives on which they store every single image you copy (bank statements, driving licenses, copies of ID, other confidential data etc) – this will make you think when disposing of your old photocopier! PC Recycling London, removes these hard drives and scrubs them clean so no data will be left and they are safe for re-use or recycling.

So what paperwork will you receive with your PC Recycling London collection? Well you will receive a waste transfer note (WTN) providing you have non hazardous waste (all shredded / crushed data baring devices are classed as non-hazardous). You will receive a hazardous waste consignment note if your collection includes hazardous WEEE. If you are registered as a hazardous waste producer / holder – your six digit reference will be noted on the consignment note and if you’re not registered due to not producing over 500Kg a year, then you will be given a unique exemption reference number starting with EXE. These will be provided at the time of the PC Recycling London pickup. If you require a full list of everything recycled, a full asset report will be emailed over within 2 weeks of your collection along with your data destruction certificate. If you received onsite data destruction, your weight will be stated on the certificate.

If you would prefer to drop your old IT Equipment off at our site, please call us on 0845 591 1794 and we can answer any of your questions. The best way to arrange an IT Equipment collection, is to either email through or give us a call. You will need a few details to hand to arrange a pickup – your contact details, your name, your company name, your address and a rough guide as to what you need recycling via PC Recycling London.