WEEE Recycling London

WEEE recycling London: Your local Commercial WEEE recycling equipment Recycling & Disposal Service covering London and surrounding area

WEEE Recycling London is a fast and efficient, well organised WEEE Recycling collection and recycling service. As Free computer recycling London only process IT Equipment for recycling along with data destruction, unfortunately we can’t collect anything but WEEE (computers, printers, laptops, servers, UPSs, Batteries, Mobile Phones, Inkjets, Laser Printers, Fax machines, Photocopiers).

Many companies in London have been stung with issues regarding the data protection act. Basically they have failed to securely dispose of their IT Equipment WEEE waste, only thinking confidential data is held on paperwork. But WEEE holds all kinds of data which the WEEE Recycling London service can securely dispose for you, at no cost so there is no excuse. Photocopiers hold an image on a hard drive of absolutely everything that has been copied. Computers and laptops and servers obviously hold hard drives. Thin clients hold flash chips which bare IP Addresses and maybe your company details depending on how new they are. Routers and firewalls all hold your network login details and passwords. Printers / Phone systems / Fax machines all hold phone numbers and your details. Mobile Phones hold a wide range of confidential data.

The fact if the matter is, if you use Free computer recycling London for WEEE Recycling London, we will not only help you comply with the WEEE Regulations / Waste hierarchy, we will also help you comply with the data protection act, free of charge! Our WEEE Recycling London consultation services are also free of charge.

A quick case study from a recent WEEE Recycling London collection is – a school had just changed over their IT Equipment assets for new ones and urgently needed a collection. Revive IT offered to collect all IT Equipment along with all peripherals free of charge and destroy all data offsite at no cost. The customer received their WEEE Recycling London waste notes and data destruction certificate swiftly and left great feedback on the customer feedback form.